Essay about Kurdistan's Choice of Independence

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For more than a century, the demand or desire for a Kurdish state somehow divided the Kurdish people and their neighbors in terms of their opinion toward an independent Kurdish state. Kurds are possibly on of the largest ethnic groups in the world that do not own a country of their own. They are the largest minorities in Iraq, Iran, Turkey, and Syria (Murray p.31). It has been a challenge due to the radical ideologies of the neighboring countries toward an independent Kurdish state since they always translated that step as a threat to the repeating of the scenario to the Kurds in their own country. It is usually hard to express your self as a Kurd when people ask you about your place of origin. A Turk, Egyptian, or American can almost…show more content…
Their assumption is that these countries will not support the declaration of an independent Kurdish state. However, these claims are mostly assumptions. According to “The Investment Fact Sheet” of the investment board of the KRG, the 2012 public budget is $12.5Bn . This is a relatively large budget to sustain a country. When it comes to geography, the fear of a total sanction from all sides is possibly overrated. Countries like turkey will mostly not oppose this step due to their large scale trading with the Iraqi Kurdistan region. According to figures by “Kurdistan Ministry of Trade & Industry”, 60% of the companies that work in the KRG are Turkish companies . Another argument raised is the factor of politics. People who counter the idea debate that most of countries in the world won’t be accepting the idea of an independent Kurdish state in north of Iraq. However, Falah Mustafa, the head of the Department of Foreign Relations stated, “The KRG values its strong relations with foreign governments and international firms. Ensuring that we continue to develop and strengthen friendships is an important priority”. This indicates the willingness of the KRG to cooperate with countries and establish diplomatic relations to ensure a better communication. On the other hand, some state that the Kurdistan region of Iraq is going through a

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