Kuroo Alternate Ending

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Kuroo is in the dean’s office with a flying frog zooming around the room. Kuroo is meekly smiling at the dean. The dean, Nekomata, has his fingers clasp together and is smiling back at Kuroo. “So Kuroo, would you mind telling me why Bokuto is a flying frog?” Kuroo’s sweating. “Umm.. well you see I was practicing for my exam and Bokuto said he would be my test subject. It was a consensual agreement! So I practice a spell for making his hair go green and it kind of made him turn green..and into a frog.” “A FROG WITH WINGS!!!” Bokuto yells, knocking over a globe. “Unfortunately, he still can talk.” Nekomata says, with a sigh. His eyes narrow at Kuroo. “This is simple magic but powerful. Do you know how to break this spell?” Kuroo sits there.
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