Kurt Lewin ( 1947 ) Divides The Change Process

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SECTION ONE Answer 1. Kurt Lewin (1947) divides the change process into 3 steps. Unfreezing, Changing and Freezing. It is a very simple and practical model for understanding the change process. It is widely used and is a basis for many change models. He widely stages them as follows: a) Creating the perception that change is needed. b) Moving towards the new desired level of behaviour. c) Solidifying the new behaviour as the norm. UNFREEZING Unfreezing raises an initial awareness of the need for change. It is the first step in the change process. As many people will resist change the goal during unfreezing is to create awareness as to how the current level is hindering the organization in some way. Old behaviour, ways of thinking, procedures and process followed, Human resource, Organisation structure must be carefully examined to clarify the people in the organization the need for change to maintain competitive advantage. The Proprietor needs to convince his people the logic behind change and how it will be beneficial at Individual and Organisational level. Besides Lewin states that people should be motivated to accept change As an owner of Pink Donkey catering Ltd who wants to open his own restaurant and bring major change in the way business is done, I would emphasise on Unfreezing as a first step in change management process. I would convince them the urgency and necessity for change, as catering business we were able to reach limited customers but now the demand has

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