Kurt Lewin 's Leadership Model

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It is important for a good leader to have an influence on their followers by convincing and inspiring them to achieve their goals while motivating them to work hard and succeed. Leader’s usually shift from one style to another depending on the situation. I will be discussing three examples of Kurt Lewin’s leadership model that we see in organizations today known as, autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire. To start with the autocratic leadership style, I have chosen the CEO of our company. He began in January of this year and I could tell when I met him he was a no-nonsense guy. You could not tell him anything and even think you could put one over on him. I have seen department heads presenting information to him in meetings and he will…show more content…
Autocratic leaders are intolerant, manipulative and critical. Their followers tend to be more aggressive because these leaders more or less force individuals to invest in the group. Because there is always the risk that workers will leave, it is important that this type of leaders be able to resolve issues and keep from losing members. Another thing about these leaders is they will do whatever it takes to provide the common good when they make their decision, as well as they are noted to be more productive than other types of leaders (van Vugt, Jepson, De Cremer, 2004) The plant manager where I work is one that I consider to fit in as a democratic leader because he demonstrates this leadership by promoting shared decision-making as well as allowing the staff to share ideas and take part in problem solving. He is one that any of us can discuss issues with because he is fair and objective as well as helpful to each and every department. In return, the staff is always there for him when he needs anything done quickly. He is very highly respected because he is very intelligent and has a way of motivating people that are lacking similar experience. There have been moments where he may have to use a partial autocratic style because he is ultimately responsible, so if there is an urgent matter that needs attention he will handle it. However, he keeps the team in the loop and we continue on and work on
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