Kurt Vonnegut : A Hybrid Of Science Fiction And Satire

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Leanne Arata
English 11
Mrs. Wheeler
Kurt Vonnegut The idea of making a work that does not fit into a single category of work is how Kurt Vonnegut has become such a phenomenon. Kurt Vonnegut has a hybrid writing style which allows him to critique human nature and this is evident in his work. A hybrid writer is someone who makes something by combining two different genres to create something new. Vonnegut’s work is a hybrid of science fiction and satire. Satire is an author’s way of saying he/she feels that something is subpar, Vonnegut does just this in most of his works, such as Slaughterhouse Five, and Harrison Bergeron. “Any analysis Kurt Vonnegut’s work runs the risk of being too heavy-handed and ponderous to do justice to writing that has self-consciously chosen the path of the lightweight, the naive, and the comical.” (Rigney). This is true because people tend to be judgmental of the fact that Vonnegut uses satire while talking about war. People are not realizing that war is not always something that comes from great honor, war is horrible and people need to start realizing this and stop glorifying it according to Vonnegut.
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. was born on November 11, 1922, in Indianapolis. He was the youngest of his sister and brother. Vonnegut’s father was an architect and his mother was the daughter of a very wealthy family. The Vonneguts were respected members of the community and Vonnegut 's early childhood was extremely privileged.
Vonnegut went to
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