Kurtz Impenetrable Darkness

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Kurtz has been in this hellish jungle for a long time. It turned him soulless, hollow. Kurtz lacks humanity "Kurtz was an impenetrable darkness" (64). The hollow men also lack compassion, hope and humanity“shape without form, shade / without color, / paralysed force, gesture without / motion” (11-14). Both Kurtz and the hollow men live in meaningless, lifeless landscapes. After Mr. Kurtz's death the manager's boy announced- "Mistah Kurtz- he dead" (64). Marlow didn’t react because the body was just a body now, truly hollow. Marlow also knew that Kurtz had spiritually been dead for a long time, much like the hollow men. The hollow men worship "stone images" (46) or fake idols and gods "under the twinkle of fading star." (50) Kurtz worshiped
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