Kurtz In Heart Of Darkness

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The Role of Kurtz in Heart of Darkness

In the novel, Heart of Darkness, Kurtz is a very unusual antagonist. Kurtz is so unusual because he is not presented in a normal way. The way Kurtz is presented to the narrator is through stories. So, throughout the whole beginning of the book the only thing the narrator knows about Kurtz is from the stories that people are telling about him. And the stories that are being told about Kurtz is that he is in charge of a trading post in Africa that sells ivory, and the narrator is also being told that Kurtz is a remarkable guy. An example from the text says, “He is a very remarkable person.' Further questions elicited from him that Mr. Kurtz was at present in charge of a trading-post, a very important one, in the true ivory-country, at 'the very bottom of there. Sends in as much ivory as all the others put together.” But, even though he has not been thoroughly introduced to the narrator he is still seen as a very important person to this novel which is really confusing. As a reader it is confusing because the reader wonders how could someone be so important,
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Around this time, the more significant countries in Europe like England, France, Germany, and others believed that they were superior to the “savages” in Africa. The Europeans thought this because the Africans were not as organized as they were and did not really have an overruling government. And the Europeans saw this and took advantage of the possibility for the increase in economic markets and power. For as long as imperialism has been an action people have called the country performing these actions greedy. But the countries with the imperialist mindset see it a different way. Those countries see it as they are helping out the savages. Those countries think they are helping because these people are helping to civilize the savages, and make them more like
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