Kurzweil's Transhumanist Memory Uploading Theory

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his position at Google grants him incredible legitimacy in the science-tech community, Kurzweil’s participation in TED further reinforces his image as an innovation authority in the eyes of the public. Despite the incredible popularity TED has around the world, it is TED’s scrutinized selection of speakers that enables Kurzweil to enhance his legitimacy in the tech community. According to, TED expects its speakers to be individuals who, “run the world’s most admired companies and design its best-loved products,” who, “invent world-changing devices and create ground-breaking media,” and who, collectively, “have won every major prize awarded for excellence, including the Nobel, Pritzker…” While McConnell and Kurzweil both employed popular media as a tool to popularize their theories, through attending conference with such a high level of intellectual richness and prestige, Kurzweil not only embrace tremendous popularity in the public, but also brings himself to the top of the technological community. Closing…show more content…
Despite the fact that we didn’t really dive into the conceptual and technical aspects of Transhumanism and memory transfer through planarian cannibalism, we decipher the social nuance of how the vain titles of glory and legitimacy can affect the public’s and the scientific community’s perception of a particular theory. However, even if the Transhumanist beliefs are at their peak right now, it is still too early to predict whether this theory will come to a less desirable end. The technological singularity, whether it is valid or not, is something I am truly looking forward
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