Kush Wells Ebony Research Paper

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The wand of Kush Wells is one made of ebony and built with it's best match, Phoenix tail feathers, as his personality shows his love of battle witch this combination reflects.The wand is described in three categories.Wood, core, and length. Ebony is the wand of the wand that has chosen the Wizard Kush Wells.The deep black wood of ebony is one that does not choose the faint hearted.The ebony wand is best with Phoenix hair.The ebony wand is best with phoenix hair.Pheonix feathers, one of the rarest core types serves as the best range of magic.This goes best with Ebony.the same type of wand that chose Kush Wells.With this core it takes the longest to master,so it is not for the needy wizards and witches. The length and rigidity is the part that
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