Kutztown Diversity Essay

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As an African-American female coming here to Kutztown was a new experience. Attending a predominantly white school was nothing new to me, but coming from a city schooling experience was completely different than the town setting of Kutztown University. It was difficult getting adjusted to life at Kutztown, I did not know anyone and I did not have a roommate for the better part of my first semester; I kept to myself more. The diversity of Kutztown is not apparent at all. It’s buried under A.C.E. activities or mainstream organization funding. In direct correlation to the educational aspect of the matter, most professors that I have encountered are aware of the various issues are respectful to everyone so I speak for my peers. The diversity issue on campus comes into play within the student population.
Without coming to campus with knowledge of what you are looking for, the diversity on the campus is non-existent. There are ethnic students on posters
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That is when the community split became more apparent. I began to realize the apparent racism and also began to realize that there is also a problem among the minority population. They are either pro-black, anti-white or rarely somewhere in between. There are plenty arguments among the community. Everyday I hear “they didn’t give us the funding because we are a black org”, “my professor doesn’t like me because they are racist”, or the best one “the students here are so racist.” I believe that diversity trainings should be a requirement for every student, staff and faculty member associated with the campus. And in these trainings, equality should be stressed. The diversity elephant in the room makes the campus environment toxic. It causes students to be on edge about certain situations that could be an honest mistake as a racial wrongdoing. Not everything is a racial issue and not everything is done with the best
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