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Global climate change has been a concern for everyone since scientists first discovered that our actions from polluting can have drastic effects on our environment. Many scientists began to note the changes in the atmosphere and temperature, global warming, in the mid 1800’s. Many people believe that the Earth’s climate cycles and changes periodically over time. Many believe that the changes occur as a result of human activity. The big questions is what effect is our activity having on the environment.
The costs benefits of global climate change
The costs of climate change for a developed country is easy, because there is money to spend there. These countries are the richer more developed areas of the world who have the money to spend
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The Kyoto Protocol has several provisions that allow for geographic flexibility. Reductions in costs can also be done through international trade of emissions rights. This will also depend largely on how many countries participate in this trade. The economic costs will also depend on the length of time a country has to enact the changes needed to fit their requirements. The longer a country procrastinates the more expensive it will be.
Recommend a policy for climate change
There are many ideas out there on how to reduce GHG through various policies, but, coming up with an idea on short notice is not an easy task. The best thing to do is come up with some goals that have worked over time and put those together as one idea.
The first though would be working as a whole. Done just make this a political objective, make it a national objective. Get the people of our country involved. Ask them for ideas and what they can do to help out. Find ways for smaller communities to get involved and set up models for cities to help them with ideas to reduce emissions. Many cities like Tokyo, Japan have train systems that reduce the number of cars used by the public.
The plans have to be more individualized by area because some may need more attention than others. Some parts of the US might not need any adjustments while other places need more. Southern California, for example has immense smog issues and is

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