Kyoto Protocol Is The Emission Of Green House Gas ( Ghg ) Over The World?

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In this essay, I will elaborate on analyzing the 2005 Kyoto Protocol to the UNFCCC from several aspects, to achieve a holistic understanding to this protocol.
The environmental problem involved in 2005 Kyoto Protocol is the emission of Green House Gas (GHG) over the world. The global warming due to GHG had been a big threat to human’s future, and this protocol was designed to control the emission of GHG in each country. The harm of GHG to human beings is obvious and people have to take actions. With the industrialization and development of more and more countries, almost every country in this world need to emit GHG to reach the wellbeing of its citizens. The emission of GHG is not the obligation of any particular country, but the whole world. Thus only by global cooperation can we save our future.
This protocol started to work in 2005 for developed countries, and 2012 for developing countries. Specific figures were given in this protocol. Compared to the amount of emission in 1990, the amount during 2008 to 2012 should be reduced by 5%, and every country has been assigned a particular standard in GHG emission. For example, Japan should reduce its emission by 6%, while Australia could increase its emission by 8%. This is a quantifiable target. When measuring the emission, we take the part of GHG that is absorbed by forests off from the total.
The biggest challenge,or we can say dilemma in addressing this problem is that, most countries want both development and environment.…
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