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Kyruus: Big Data's Search for the Killer App
“At the bottom of the Oakland experiment was a willingness to rethink baseball: how it is managed, how it is played, who is best suited to play it, and why.”
“First came radical advancements in computer technology: this dramatically reduced the cost of compiling and analyzing vast amounts of baseball data. Then came the boom in baseball players’ salaries: this dramatically raised the benefits of having such knowledge. ‘If we’re going to pay these guys $150,000 a year [1977] to do this…we should at least know how good they are’… If this sounded compelling when
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Pharmaceutical industry executives expressed interest in Kyruus developing more targeted marketing strategies. Constituents throughout the healthcare industry were excited about
Kyruus’ ability to help them improve their businesses.

Strategic Challenges
In fact, the excitement from potential customers was one of the challenges now facing Kyruus. The data set fueled myriad applications. The team was willing to work frantically to design multiple products for different healthcare verticals. However, it was becoming difficult to integrate product, engineering and sales teams across numerous products. As much as Gardner wanted to pursue multiple verticals, further doing so would increase Kyruus’ burn and might cause the company to under-deliver to clients.
As Gardner listened to his team debate their strategy, he realized Kyruus had three options. First,
Kyruus could concentrate on the regulatory compliance market. This option allowed the team to focus on a small client base of academic medical centers while perfecting the market positioning and product features for this audience. The company was beginning to develop real traction in this market. The American Hospital Association (AHA) had recently endorsed Kyruus’ solution for meeting compliance requirements (see exhibit 3). Pursuing the compliance market was the least risky
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