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I went to the L Ross Gallery, 5040 Sanderlin Ave, Suite 104 Memphis, TN. The Artists were: Lisa Jennings, and Jeni Stallings. The exhibit was, “The Story Continues”, the analysis I will be using is expressive. The entire show was wonderful, the title, “The Story Continues”, was a perfect fit. Both artists distributed their eye for art, making each of their art works appealing to the eye, having to reach out and send a message. Every painting feed off one another with meaning. The theme seemed to be earth, nature, and how everything played a part in the circle of life. Comparing to each other. The exhibit includes oil canvases, acrylic, mixed media, found objects, frames, pigmented papers, and steel frame. For example, the first painting that stood out to me was, “The Earth Matters”, by Lisa Jennings. The woman in the painting is holding the world in her hand, as she’s stands in a field of tall grass. There is filled space in the field from the tall grass, and empty space in the sky, because of it being clear and blue. The woman has no face, therefore she cannot see her future, but as she gazes down the earth must be important, as she holds it in the palms of her hands. Another painting that stood out to me…show more content…
They produced the perfect glair, from the lighting above. My favorite art work was, Moth by Sea”, by Jeni Stallings, an oil canvas. In the art work the woman is a moth who is standing on the moon. Her dress is brown and black with the shapes of triangles, and diamonds. Quite like the pattern of the moth’s body. Her antennas are feathers that stick out of the top of her head, her wings are bright, they glow from the reflection of the moon. There is a horizontal line, that separates the night from the light, but this woman is in the middle of both, as she’s standing on night. The gallery I visited represents artists of contemporary
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