L.L. Bean, Inc.: Item Forecasting and Inventory Management

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Subhiksha: Managing Store Operations by Janat Shah, Rahul Patil, Trilochan Sastry
23 pages. Publication date: May 01, 2010. Prod. #: IMB323-PDF-ENG
Founded in 1997, Subhiksha had grown from one store in 1997 to more than 1000 retail outlets in 2008. It sold FMCG, grocery, pharmacy, mobile products, and fruits and vegetables (F&V). It was the largest supermarket and mobile retail chain in India with presence in 90 cities. Although organized retail was identified as a high-growth area by the middle of 2008, players had realized that organized retail in India was going to be tough business. Various players (Reliance, Bharti, Birla, and the Future Group) were experimenting with different formats and models. Subhiksha decided to come
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Students will have to use analytical tools to come up with decisions for the aforementioned questions. The case also provides an opportunity for the students to compare the complex nature of an aerospace supply chain with other industries such as automobiles. The case is suitable for supply chain management course as well as advanced operations management course at MBA as well as for executive program.

Learning Objective
1. Understand and identify supply chain issues and constraints faced by aircraft parts manufacturers like HAL and contrast it from supply chains of other industries 2. Apply basic economic order quantity model to make inventory decisions 3. To analyze supply chain system with serial manufacturing fraught with uncertainties and variations in processing times 4. Use probability models to estimate the probability of on-time delivery under different scenarios 5. Estimate the penalty cost for not meeting the delivery guarantees 6. Demonstrate the use of advanced stochastic models to optimize the use of shelf life parts in the supply chain 7. Summarize mathematical complexity associated with the problem and provid

TSC Stores: Supply Chain Management for Profitable Growth by P. Fraser Johnson
10 pages. Publication date: Feb 17, 2009. Prod. #: 909D05-PDF-ENG
In May 2007, the chief operating officer at

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