L-Loud, A Character Analysis

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What demonstrates a poor leader: L- Loud: Lots of times I just voice my opinion and step up to be the leader of a group and can get bossy. People don’t always like that someone else is trying to boss them around, but you can’t have a quiet person trying to be a leader of a group and get things done. E- Egotistical: Sometimes I put my ego in the way and worry about myself and how something would reflect on me and not the class as a whole. A- Arrogant: I would feel that I was better than someone at doing something or that I was better than something we had to do and didn’t feel like I should have to do it. D- Detached: I felt like this year the whole class in general was detached, but I was as well. If there would be an argument about…show more content…
I care about things and get emotional, but it just depends on what and who it is. S- Selfish: Sometimes I put my needs and wants above someone else’s, because I felt that I was more important. I struggle with this a lot being an only child. H- Honest: I’m a honest person and I feel like that wasn’t that good of a trait to have sometimes. If someone asked my opinion on something I gave them my honest opinion. Yes, that hurt some people’s feelings, but I’d always rather be honest than lie. I- Independent: I like doing things on my own so whatever it is turns out how I want it to. Again, I feel like this comes from being an only child. I like things to be my way and just how I want them. Being independent has its struggles and its weaknesses. It’s a lot of work sometimes for one person, but doing good on something by yourself has its rewards. P- Perfect: I feel like I try to be perfect with lots of things that I do. I’m really hard on myself with a lot of things. Being perfect isn’t practical and that’s something that I’m working on to…show more content…
I think we should do more games to bond and not all be in our own bubbles. Yes, the games make everyone uncomfortable at first and sometimes we all get a little closer than we want to (knot game), but in the end I believe that games would help more with the division in the class. What I think also needs to be changed isn’t something a teacher can fix, but instead the students themselves have to fix personally. We have to step out of our own little world and see someone else’s point of view on things. When all the racial events happened and we would discuss them in class it always turned into a racial things. It ALWAYS turned into the white people vs. black people. That’s not how a leadership class should handle situations like that. We all need to listen and respect each others opinions on subjects like that. Of course not everyone is going to agree, but everyone’s opinion should be heard and nobody should be afraid to speak up about their opinion in fear of them just getting degraded for
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