L ' Oreal's Performance And Future Plans

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L’Oréal is a French cosmetics and beauty company and specializes in skin care, make-up and hair colour products (L’Oréal). As an organisation, L’Oreal has its own goals, and designed as deliberately structured and coordinate activity system and is linked to the external environment (Daft, Murphy, Willmot, 2010, p.10). L’Oreal was under pressure of sales; market share and profitability because of Asian crisis, and its target were being missed again and again. Therefore, it conducted a series of improvement in marketing and human resource management and tried to tackle three issues simultaneously: people, finance and marketing. In this paper, external environment and organisational structure will be analysed firstly. Then improvement of market, people and finance will be discussed, next, I will talk about changes L’Oreal experience. At last, some recommendation will be proposed based on L’Oreal’s past performance and future plans.
External Environments
There are significant constraints and contingencies for organisations in the external environment, which need to be monitored seriously; also the competitiveness of organisation depends on their ability to adjust their strategies according to these changes in the environment (Nandakumar, Ghobadian and Oregan, 2010). Johnson et al (2014) provide frameworks for analysing changing and complex environments (p.33). These frameworks include series of layers: the macro-environment, industry sectors as well as competitors
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