L3 Acquisition Proposal

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Honours Project Proposal (revised)

Name: Ngan Hung Yan
Student no.: 11089726

Title: Presence of L2 accent in L3 Acquisition

1. Introduction:
Second language acquisition (L2) has been often regarded as an important stage for language learning after acquired the first language. However, it is evident that Third Language Acquisition (L3) has become increasingly important and it is a new and hot topic for many scholars due to the multilingual culture in nowadays society. Over the past few decades, many scholars have investigated that L3 acquisition is more specific as L3 learners have already had an L2 in mind which they acquired certain linguistic knowledge. Gut (2009) mentioned that the learners could apply the previous language- learning experience onto the learning process of a new language. Thus, L3 learners are more competitive as they became bilingual speaker after the acquisition of two languages and they are able to draw more linguistic competence and cognitive skills and perform better than monolingual speaker. In addition, Lipinska (2015) stated that L3 pronunciation research is still an undeveloped topic to be investigated and more research are required to elaborate the reason behind the effect of L1 and L2 imposed on L3 production.
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While Third Language Acquisition has more to investigate as the roles of L1 and L2 serves as different function in L3 production and influence L3 learners in different

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