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Health and Social Care

UNIT 5 - UNDERSTAND PERSON-CENTRED APPROACHES IN ADULT SOCIAL CARE SETTINGS ASSIGNMENT OVERVIEW In this assignment, you will demonstrate your knowledge of person-centred care and consider how to put this into practice in complex and sensitive situations. You will explore what is meant by the term ‘consent’, define person-centred values, and consider how active participation can be used to best effect. You will consider how risk assessments can support informed choices and examine the factors that contribute to the well being of individuals using the service. TASKS There are four tasks to this assignment. TASK 1 2 3 4 TASK 1 1. Explain what is meant by the term “active participation”. EVIDENCE Short
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If you carry out a risk assessment you can show the individual the dangers of their choice and the best way to manage the risk as safely as possible. You and they might decide that a walking stick is the next best solution. The individual has had their choice respected whilst still respecting your concerns and you and others have done your duty to respect their choices and at the same time keep them as safe as possible. The setting has a duty of care to keep individuals safe. A risk assessment provides information on how this can be best achieved. Care workers are given care plans to follow which include risk assessments, this makes it clear what their responsibilities are. Individuals can take responsibility for their own decisions which come from informed choices i.e. they decide what risks they want to take after being given information about the dangers.


Health and Social Care

6. Describe two different uses of risk assessment in adult social care settings.

The aim of workplace risk assessments is to identify hazards, evaluate the degree of risk and to put into place control measures to minimise the risk. If the staff team is not involved in the process then they may have little awareness of the hazards and the actions required of them to minimise the risks. This is at odds with the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. A risk assessment

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