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CHM130 Lab 6 Exploring Density Name A. Data Tables Place your completed Data Tables here Part IIIa (3 points) Volume of water in graduated cylinder (mL)10 mlMass of rubber stopper (g)11.15Volume of water and rubber stopper (mL)16.5 Part IIIb (6 points) Volume of water in graduated cylinder (mL)20Mass of iron nail (g)3.66Volume of water and iron nail (mL)20.5 Part IV (20 points) Type of Aluminum FoilMass (g)Length (cm)Width (cm)Volume (cm3)Thickness (cm)Regular.63g15 cm 10.02 cm.21 cm3.0014 cm Heavy Duty.97g15 cm10.01 cm .36 cm3.0024 cm B. Follow Up Questions Show all work for questions involving calculations. Part I Use the concepts/vocabulary of density to explain why the liquids formed layers in Part I of the procedure. (8 pts)…show more content…
heavy duty samples as well as your dimensional measurements (length and width in cm) from Part III of this experiment, calculate the height, or thickness, of each sample of aluminum using the formula V l x w x h. In the formula, V stands for volume, l for length, w for width, and h for height. Once again, you will have to use your algebraic skills to manipulate the formula, to solve for height. You must show all your work. (15 pts) V l x w x h Reg ( .21 15x10.02x h .21 150.3 h H .0014 cm 150.3 150.3 HD ( .36 15x10.01x h .36 150.15 h H .0024 cm 150.15 How much thicker is the heavy duty aluminum foil than the regular aluminum foil Express this difference using a ratio as well as a calculated value for the difference. (15 pts) The heavy duty foil is .0010 cm thicker than the regular foil .0024-.0014 .0010 cm .0014 7 ratio .0024 12 Is this what you would expect If consumers are paying 1/3 more for the heavy duty type of foil, are they getting their moneys worth (15 pts) I did not expect it to be such a small difference because the heavy duty foil feels so much thicker than the regular. I dont think we should be paying that much more for that bit of a difference but I do believe that the product is working. Part V Write out the supplies that you needed to complete your lab procedure for separation. (10

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