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LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ACTION PLAN Mgt 6301 December 1, 2012 LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ACTION PLAN Being appointed Chief Security Office (CSO) and being responsible for my company’s success during this time of significant change would require some major changes within me and my leadership skills. One of the most important attributes of a successful leader is self-knowledge about their distinctiveness and areas that require improvement. I came to the realization that I need improvement in at least three areas to be a successful leader as a CSO. The leadership areas that I noticed that would require improvement toward my leadership development is, Managing Stress,…show more content…
I begin changing my behavior by being extremely dependable and, when appropriate, put forth more effort than expected. I would change my behaviors by implementing the three R’s influence strategies Retribution, Reciprocity, and Reason. I would also include the six principles of the powers of persuasion. They include liking, reciprocity, social proof, consistency, authority and scarcity. I would incorporate these strategies daily at work and at home for extra practice. I would change my ways to show that I am credible and responsible. I would collect feedback through collective information through my observation from my executives and those around me. I would know if I was successful in persuading by the results of how many of my executives I influenced to use my ideas and projects. Developing Self Awareness “The function of self-examination is to lay the groundwork for insight, without which no growth can occur”, Brouwer. According to Developing Management Skills, the knowledge we possess about ourselves, which makes up our self -concept, is central to improving our management skills. The book also stated that we cannot improve ourselves of develop new capabilities unless and until we know what level of capability we currently possess. The main area of self-awareness that I need to work on is cognitive style. Cognitive style refers to the manner in which individuals gather and process information. I would work on my attitude toward
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