LEALES Summer Work Situation Analysis

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Why LEALES? Background
In 2012 for the first time in history the college enrollment for Latinos surpassed that of whites among 18 to 24 year olds. (Krogstad & Fry, 2014) However, first-year retention rates reveal reasons for concern; in 1999 the retention rate for Latino/a students from the first to second year was a dismal 75.7%. (Seidman, 2005) However, despite these gains there is still reason for concern; California, the state with the largest Latino population, only 16% of Latinos ages 25 and up hold an associate or bachelor’s degree; this compared to 38% of all Californians the same age. (Lilley, 2014) That number is even lower for Californian Latino/as earning a bachelor degree, 12%. (Quinton, 2015) Furthermore, in California only 42%
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The summer start program would offer the students an opportunity to become acquainted with the campus, LEALES staff, as well as other LEALES participants prior to the commencement of the fall quarter. This would allow for participants to meet one another, form bonds, and friendships with other participants as well as becoming acquitted with the LEALES staff. Additionally, the one week LEALES summer start program would offer participants an opportunity to learn more about UCI, the many educational opportunities, organizations, services, resources, and give them access to academic counselors. In order to make the program more accessible to potential participants and increase the number of participants that attend the LEALES summer start program, there will be a waiver for those with financial need. Additionally, the program will have two sessions separate sessions; one in early summer and another later in the summer to accommodate for scheduling conflicts that students may have. The summer start program is especially advantages to LEALES members given that as first-generation students they are unfamiliar with the resources that are available on college campuses. According, to Baker & Robnett (2012) students who utilize campus resources, faculty, and student groups are less likely to leave college. Even prior to their official enrollment in the LEALES program, students are…show more content…
For that reason, participation in the LEALES summer start program will not be mandatory but is strongly suggested. However, there are certain requirements that will be mandatory for all LEALES members in the year-long program. LEALES members must meet these requirements in order to receive their $500 quarterly scholarship. The scholarship not only acts as an incentive for their continued participation in the program, but it also helps alleviate some of the financial responsibility that leads many Latinos to seek work outside of school. According to Saenz and Ponjuan (2009) it is this responsibility that leads many Latinos to leave school early, or work more hours than their counterparts in order to help support themselves. (Baker & Robnett,
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