LGBT Rights And Discrimination In The United States

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Many LGBT people are fighting for various things, such as their freedom to be equal, same sex marriage, the right to be accepted in in today’s society, and their safety against those who are against same sex relationships. LGBT are being turned down for jobs and health care. Many of them are being harassed or attacked in public areas and in offices. Even LGBT young adults are being attacked and harassed or skip school because they do not feel safe anywhere they go. LGBTs are being discriminated no matter how old they are or what race they are. They are not allowed to get married in certain states, not receiving health care, turned away by many business companies.

LGBT people have been discriminated for over 50 years. According to George Chauncey, In the 1950s and 60s about a thousand men and women were forced to leave their position in the federal government because they were suspected of being gay or lesbian. Most people have a strong dislike for LGBT people because of religious reasons. Adults are not the only ones being discriminated, even young adults are being attacked. According to J Youth Adolescence Journal of Youth and Adolescence, YRBS (Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance) data showed that about 20% of young adults with sexual orientations have been reported to skipping school because they didn't feel safe. According to LA
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Transgender are sometimes denied for basic or necessary care just because they are transgender. Most people deny transgender because they do not care, they lack knowledge about the subject, or was harassed. According to The National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, about 30% of transgender have been verbally harassed and physically attacked in doctor offices. About 28% of transgender have either postponed or avoided treatment if they were injured or sick because of disrespect and
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