LGBT Youths: Class Inequality In The United States

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Eighty six percent, that is the percent of LGBT youths who report being harassed in school because of their sexual orientation or their gender identity, this is a shocking statistic compared to the twenty seven percent of students who report being harassed in school. This isn’t the only place that members of the LGBT community face. LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and around four percent of the American population is self classified as LGBT. While this may seem like a small percent, this means that nearly 12,156,000 people in the United States are LGBT. The LGBT community faces a large margin of inequality, facing discrimination not only in the workplace, but also in schools and in the healthcare system and also face…show more content…
These problems at home often lead to many LGBT youths being forced out onto the streets and into homelessness. 16% of trans people say they have been compelled to work in the underground economy to make ends meet, and the numbers are staggeringly higher for trans people of color specifically. Trans women are often profiled and arrested simply for “looking like” sex workers even when they are not involved in sex work, leading to high rates of incarceration” (“Class Inequality”). Due to bullying and harassment in school and homophobia in the household the suicide rate with LGBT youth is much higher than with cisgender heterosexual youths. Many LGBT youths who face homophobia in their homes are forced to undergo conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is therapy that embodies the idea that homosexuality is a sin into the head of LGBT members. Several methods of conversion therapy include orgasm reconditioning and satiation therapy, both of which force LGBT members to endure an equivalent to rape in an attempt to change their sexual orientation. “Other techniques therapists have used to try to change sexual orientation and gender identity include inducing nausea, vomiting, or paralysis while showing the patient homoerotic images; providing electric shocks; having the individual snap an elastic band around the wrist when aroused by same-sex erotic images or thoughts” ("#Bornperfect: The Facts About…show more content…
While most states are required to provide LGBT sex education in schools, of the few schools that do require sex education for the LGBT community, they are required to teach homosexuality as a sin. When this happens, suicide rates increase and LGBT youths begin to believe that they are the problem. Proper sexual education for LGBT youths would have to include teaching students about sexually transmitted diseases that are transmitted through intercourse between two people of the same gender (“Huffington Post LGBT Inclusive Sex
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