LGMT 536 Online Syllabus 0812

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LGMT 536 v.0812

LGMT 536
Purchasing for Logistics and Supply Chain Managers
Online Course Syllabus
Credit Hours: 3
Delivery Method: Online (Internet / Blackboard)
Required Course Materials

Monczka, R. M., Handfield, R. B., Giunipero, L. C., & Patterson, J. L. (2011).
Purchasing and supply chain management (5th ed.). Mason, OH:
South-Western College/West.
ISBN-13: 978-0538476423

Suggested Supplemental Materials

American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the
American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC:
ISBN: 978-1-4338-0561-5
(APA website: http://www.apastyle.org/manual/index.aspx)
Course Description
This course addresses the critical role of purchasing in supply chain management. The
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Each graded activity is scored at a maximum
100 points.

Evaluation Items & Weights
Focus Discussions (7)


Chapter Discussion Questions (7)


Term Paper


Case Analysis (2)


Midterm Exam


Final Exam




Course Grade Scale
90 – 100%


80 – 89%


70 – 79%


0 – 69%


Note: Graduate courses do not use a ‘D’ letter grade.
Grade Center Naming
When looking in “My Grades,” you will see the names of the activities have been shortened.
Below is an explanation of the abbreviations:
Abbreviated Version
Ch. DQ
Focus DQ
TP (Topic, Outline, Rough Draft, and Final)
CA (1 or 2)

Full Name
Chapter Discussion Questions, Assignments you will be submitting in a word processed document
Focus Discussion Questions, Discussions that take place in the Discussion Board area of the course
Term Paper and all of its associated requirements
Case Analysis 1 or 2, Assignments you will submit after taking the midterm and final exams


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Required, Non-Graded Activities
This course requires the completion of the several non-graded activities listed below. Your completion of these items is recorded in the Grade Center with a green check mark.

Start Here Email: Before beginning Module 1, you are required to send an email, using your ERAU email account, to your instructor introducing

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