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Final Paper: Women & Relationships Esquivel showed love in a whole other aspect from life in the movie and novel “Like Water for Chocolate”. This movie and novel is about monthly installments with recipes, romances, and home remedies. Love was very powerful and changed everybody’s life, it kept some people around, made some people leave and it even made some people die. Love is something that can take over someone’s mind, soul and body. When two people are in love no one and nothing can get in the way of those two individuals from being together. When you’re in love you’ll do just about anything to keep yourself and the one you love happy. For example in “Like Water for Chocolate” Pedro was so in love with Tita that’s when it came time…show more content…
But of course Rosaura was hurt because of the fact that he brought Tita roses instead of her and Mama Elena did not approve and told Tita to throw them out, but Tita didn’t listen to her so she went into the kitchen to express them the best way she could which was through food, so she cooked the quail in rose petals sauce making the food have a sexual tension especially towards Gertrudis. When Pedro complimented the food Mama Elena downgraded it and Rosaura excused herself. Gertrudis was feeling very hot and lusty causing her to go to the bathroom and shower herself but that didn’t help and the heat from her body cause the bathroom to catch on fire which made her run out of the bathroom naked the opposite way of the ranch, pg. 51 in “Like Water for Chocolate says “The delicacy of her face, the perfection of her pure vaginal body contrasted with passion, the lust, the leapt from her eyes, from every pore. These things, and the sexual desire Juan had contained for so long while he was fighting in the mountains, made for a spectacular encounter.” The tension that she was feeling made her run away from the ranch with Juan on the horse and from there that’s when Gertrudis made love for the very first time. Those two examples were the two major recipes that showed how much Tita’s cooking had a big impact on the people that surrounded her and what it did to them to affect them.
Mama Elena continued to get in the way
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