LIS 600 Artifacts Paper

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List of Artifacts
In LIS 600 students evaluate democratic principles, major information policies, ethical policies, and the role information agencies play in preserving information. In the paper the student determines the role of librarians in the implementation of policy and the role of continuing education no user relations.The instructor describes my paper as “excellent research and smart thoughts.” I earned a B for the paper. The final exam is a culmination of knowledge and discussion of ethical policies, evolution of policies, and education of librarians. These topics provide a knowledge base for anyone entering the library profession. The understating of policy also intertwines with other coursework such as the strategic plan. One cannot create a strategic plan without understanding information policies. I received a letter grade of A for the final exam. Instructor comments for the exam include “a job well done.” These artifacts for LIS 600 build a foundation of library profession providing the theories for future librarian and library development.
In LIS 601 students write a Community Resources Audit. The audit asses the needs of a particular community and develops strategies for best serving the patrons of that community. I focused on how the library could best serve international and English as a Second Language (ESL) students.
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The webpage project focuses on website design and layout design. The project has practical application for librarians creating a blog or developing a website to advocate library concerns. This project taught skills such as embedding photos, making hyperlinks, creating blog entries, and developing a webpage with multiple pages. I received a letter grade of A on the project and the instructor commented “excellent job on the website
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