LIS2780 Assignments Spring15 2 Essay

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NB: BE SURE TO READ Assignment_Guidelines.pdf before submitting your work.
Please post any assignment questions within the Facebook group page. ***BE SURE to review and plan for ALL assignment and exam due dates and deadlines. ***

Assignment 1
a. Ch. 1: Review Questions (RQ) 1 - 11
b. Ch. 2: RQs 1 – 9, 10, 11 and Problems #1 and 2 (include all attributes).

SQL Statements for A1 (premiere)

i. List all the contents (rows or records) of the PART table. ii. Create an alias for an attribute name. iii. List the part number, part description, and part price from the PART table in ascending order by part price. iv. Remove one or all records from the ORDERS table;
v. Update one customer’s first name, and their associated
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The ABC Company issued a request for proposal (RFP) for interested local DBAs and database designers to use the following required company business rules in order to create an appropriate Crow’s Foot ERD for bidding consideration. Based upon the following business rules and applicable bidding process, the city council will judge the best initial database design and award the project to the appropriate design team.

Business Rules:
a. A department employs many employees, and each employee may be employed by one department.
b. Some employees, known as “rovers,” are not assigned to any department.
c. A division operates many departments, and each department is operated by one division.
d. An employee may be assigned many projects, and a project may have many employees assigned to it.
e. A project must have at least one employee assigned to it.
f. One of the employees manages each department, and each department is managed by only one employee.
g. One of the employees runs each division, and each division is run by only one employee.
Note: apart from pk and fks,

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