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     The purpose of my literature review is to examine the various

therapeutic intervention strategies being administered to adult and

children who have perceptual, spacial, gross and fine motor proficient

disabilities. Furthermore what approaches appear to be working in their

rehabilitation process. adults with perceptual dysfunction secondary to

brain injury often includes Occupational therapy has been one of the

main therapeutic strategies used for perceptual retraining according to

(Holzer, Strassny, Senner-Hurley & Lefkowitz, 1982; Hopkins & Smith,

1983; Prigitano, 1986; Siev Freishtat, & Zoltan, 1986; Trombly, 1983, Van

Deusen, 1988; Wahlstrom. 1983). A
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Neurodevelopmental treatment deals with proprioceptive and Kinesthetic

perceptious as they relate to functional movement patterns. These

approaches provide training in the perceptual processing components of

functional behavior with perceptual drills or specific sequences of

sensorimotor exercises.

These are the common assumptions underlying the adaptive and

remedial treatments used currently. Occupational therapy’s perceptual

retraining literature includes description of both adaptive and remedial

approaches. (Siev et al. 1986), for

example four perceptual treatment Approaches for adults:

A) Sensory integration

B) Transfer of training

C) Functional training and

D) Neurodevelopmental.

Three of these approaches – sensory integration, transfer of training,

and neurodevelopmental can be classified as remedial because their

underlying assumptions match the remedial assumption outlined

previously such as the retraining sequences.

     In the sensory integration and neurodevelopmental approaches,

the therapist provides controlled vestibular, tactile, proprioceptive, and

kenesthetic stimulation to promote normal central nervous system

processing of sensory information. Theoretically, because perceptual

motor behaviors are performed in response to the nervous systems

interpretation of sensory inputs, normal sensory processing should help

the client to make more

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