L'Oreal Marketing Plan

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1. Executive Summary This is an analytical approach which is required for preparing the marketing plan for The Elvive – total repair hair shampoo. It is manufactured by L’Oreal which is world’s leading cosmetic producer. It says 5 problems 1 solution. The 5 problems include anti-damage, anti-thinning, anti-split ends, anti-brittleness and anti-dulness. This product is L’Oreal first total repair for damaged hair. The Elvive – total hair repair is a shampoo manufactured by L’Oreal Private Limited. L’Oreal, Australia was started in 1934 which is now number one in producing beauty products. L’Oreal’s major target cities in Australia are Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth and Sydney. It’s target group are people of high-end people having…show more content…
5.1 Internal Environment Internal environment of an organisation talks about the actual situation that takes place inside an organisation. It looks into the divisions of the firm’s financial, production and personnel capabilities. The internal working also includes factors like money, men, markets, materials and machinery. The following paragraphs will discuss on these areas. 5.1.1 Product L’Oreal Australia started off with an extensive range of products. They have a huge product line. These can be divided into 5 major sections. They are skincare products, hair colour products, cosmetics, hair care and separate products for men. The Elvive – total repair shampoo comes under the hair care category. It is a hair shampoo which helps in hair repairing. This is the first time L’Oreal produces a total repairing shampoo. It has 5 main repairing actions – restored fibre, stronger hair, vitality, silky touch and healthy shine. The two special chemicals present in this shampoo which help in repairing the above actions are pro-keratin which helps in re-constituting and a chemical called ceramide which helps in re-surfacing (www.lorealparis.com.au). 5.1.2 Financial & Non-Financial situation L’Oreal
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