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The desire to look pretty is on every women’s wish list. The desire to be confident is on every women’s wish list. The desire to be loved and appreciated is on every women’s wish list. Children are taught that the right people will love them for their hearts and not their looks, but how many reach into adulthood and still believe this? How many believe that love is based completely off of personality? How many believe that what is seen by the eye is not important?
In the 2011 L’Oréal Paris True Match Makeup Commercial, Jennifer Lopez is seen sitting on the floor in black clothing while showing her bronzed skin with her hair flowing in the air. This commercial combines the ideas beauty and love to make a masterpiece. The actress in the
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Jennifer Lopez is a celebrity that is known for her good looks, so choosing her to be in the commercial draws her fans and all the people who think she is good looking towards the product that she is advertising.
The simple makeup draws the attention to mainly her skin and how clear it. If there was eye makeup or a bright lipstick color on the actress then the attention of the viewer would move to other things, but since the commercial is trying to sell a foundation, the choice of simple makeup puts all the focus on her clear skin. Seeing Lopez’s clear skin and radiant confidence plays with the emotions of the viewers as they start to compare themselves to her. They start to pick out their flaws and yearn to be more like the face that they see on the screen, not realizing that the face they see is edited and photoshopped to look that good. This doesn’t stop them from going and purchasing the product in hopes of achieving the same perfect skin they see on the screen. The simple makeup isn’t the only thing that appeals to the emotions of the viewers. The simple black clothing the celebrity is wearing portrays her innocence and draws the attention to her bronzed skin once again, but mainly to her legs, arms, and shoulders now. Her smooth and tan skin is physically attracting to the viewer and pulls their attention on her and what she says more because of the desire to be as attractive as her.
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