LSD And Drug Abuse

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The existence of drugs has been present in history since the beginning of time. Originally manufactured as a means for healing people, they have also become something to easily abuse. One drug that is quite popular among the masses is a drug known as LSD. Although it is not used as frequently as other popular drugs like marijuana, cocaine, or methamphetamine, it is still a very popular drug that is abused and is largely trafficked. On the streets it is colloquially known by many names such as blotters, cid, doses, dots, but is mainly called “acid.” The name LSD stands for ‘Lysergic acid diethylamide. It is a very potent drug that causes the user to start to strongly hallucinate. LSD is a very popular drug among younger people and is frequently…show more content…
LSD was a significant symbol in the culture of the 1960s and largely contributed to the counterculture of the time. Its large use during this time period eventually led to the prohibition of the drug. Although usage of LSD has gone down in recent years, it is a still a major drug in the party scene, most notably among the younger crowds who like to experiment with different types of drugs. This drug is currently illegal to use whether medicinally or recreationally in the United States due to its high potential for abuse and danger. Users tend to take this drug due to the hallucinations that the drug gives. This is, however, quite dangerous and can lead to very bad consequences. The effects of the drug known as LSD are one of the most potent, emotion changing and sensory changing drugs in the world. LSD is a very dangerous drug that affects the person physically and mentally and has very dangerous consequences for using…show more content…
In the early stages of taking it, the user may feel a sense of anxiety. Some of the physical effects of the drug include dilated pupils, a higher heart rate, loss of appetite, and increased perspiration (Drugs, Inc. Facts: Hallucinogens). LSD will mainly affect the user emotionally and distort their sensory perceptions. The first sensory effect to hit will generally be visual changes. The user could start to see a wide range of things that can range from bright flashing colors to objects changing shape or position. The user is also subject to sudden changes in mood. They are very susceptible to being happy one moment and immediately becoming depressed the next. LSD can also draw people towards random bouts of depression and despair. According to the article "Drug Fact Sheet: GHB", “the user may suffer impaired depth and time perception of the shape and size of objects, movements, colors, sound, touch, and the user’s own body image” ("Drug Fact Sheet: GHB"). This means the user may not be able to realize how fast or slow the time is going or even know if what they are seeing or hearing is actually real. If a person starts to take large enough doses, they will begin to start seeing delusions and hallucinations. These
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