LTC Management Consulting Firm: Roles of Firm Members

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Roles of Firm Members Name Institution Date: Roles of Each Member of the Firm At LTC Management Consulting Firm, members will be able to share a number of roles. The members will be accorded the roles of problem solving within the firm. This role will go hand in hand with management of the firm's resources. There are diverse kinds of resources within the organization as there are possibilities of experiencing challenges. Problem solving involves the formulation of possible ways and means through which problems are taken care of without influencing negatively on the performance of the firm. The members will be accorded the roles of managing the firms systems, leading one another through various groups as group C, and establishing equitable interpersonal relationship that will look to benefit all the members of the group. Furthermore, the members will be responsible for exemplifying communication skills using intrinsic skills as computer skills, internet and cable skills, and other related skills. Why each member skills are suited for the prescribed roles The prescribed roles are technical in nature. The roles to be played by members take an example of a technical communication career where everything is based on the skill and knowledge of the employee. Each skill is important towards the specific and general performance of the firm. For instance, leadership skills are influential to the way members approach every department and employees within the firm. Skills,

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