LTCC Board Reflection Paper

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For my community government participation, I will be going over a few democratic instances from a LTCC Board of Trustees meeting. These instances come from the meeting of Tuesday, September 26, 2017. To start off, the meeting included two examples of how the opinion of the people are heard at the board meetings. First, Marta Sternal, the International Student Program Coordinator, discussed to the board the update with ISP. More importantly, international students were able to answer questions about their experiences being in Tahoe. Each one had a special story and a testament to the ISP and how it was creating a positive impact in students lives. As Student Trustee, it is always very special for me to see students personally address the board that makes policies about the college. The direct communication is a great example of how the voice of the students are valued and included. This meeting was important for another reason, a reason that affects thousands of students without their citizenship living in America. The board approved standing with the California Community College Chancellor's Office to denounce the decision to end the DACA program. As Student Trustee, my position allows for me to bridge the gap between the students and the board, bringing the student voice into policy decisions for our local college. This was the first time being Trustee where I was able to reach out to students about this important decision, asking them for their opinion about this important decision. Since I am in this position, I have a glimpse of how a Trustee position functions in Congress. Of course, this is a very wide leap, comparing Student Trustee with a Senator, but I…show more content…
The diplomatic process of people voicing their thoughts/opinions was clear from both the international students and I, and I am proud to be taking part in the process to improve our school using student
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