LUSH CRM Case Study

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Executive Summary II
Introduction 1

1. Achieving Customer Satisfaction 2
1.1 Integrity 3
1.2 Resolutions 3
1.3 Expectations 3
1.4 Personalization 4
1.5 Differentiation 4

2. Customer Experience Excellence 6

3. E-CRM 8

4. Online Reviews 10

5. Further Development 11

Conclusion 13

References 14
Executive Summary

People who knows about LUSH Cosmetics are surely know about its unrivaled passion for customer service. They are one-of-a-kind high-end retail company that specializes in producing high quality, natural, fresh
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1.1 Integrity

LUSH has built a high level personal trust within their customers. Their highly ethical company values are shown through their products, campaigns, people and service. People working in the company held up the company’s values and truly believe in it.

Their employees are formed by people who has a passion for their products and the company’s value such as against animal cruelty, ethical sourcing and responsible packaging. (Customer Service Guru, 2013). They look for these qualities as top priority when hiring employees before they finally train them. Due to the passion that their employees have, they tends to engage more with the customers and give them advice for the sake of pure helping. These reflect their sincerity, which resulting in customers feeling truly valued.

1.2 Resolutions

LUSH has always taken training very seriously, and set a high expectations from their employees worldwide. For products knowledge, they are using an interactive localized game-based digital platform to train their employees in an engaging manner. (DCS Awards, 2013). This training program is known as Lush Quests, where staff could complete quests level-by-level to test their knowledge about LUSH’s products. In just three months it helped train 1,200 people. To date, more than 2000 employees to carry out this exciting new online training program. (DESQ, 2014).

The availability of this platform prepare the employees to be ready to answer any questions thrown at

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