LW & R Grading

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B. Grading

Each student receives three units of academic credit for LW&R. The grade for this class is included in your GPA. Because employers know that LW&R is an important course that teaches valuable legal skills, the grade is often used for hiring purposes.

The first memo is not graded. The second memo and third writing project will be graded, and they provide the basis for each student’s LW&R grade. All other class assignments, though non-graded, and must be completed on time and in a satisfactory manner to pass the class.

Teachers may deduct points for incomplete or late work and may add points for class attendance and participation. The grading standards include research, citations, writing style, legal analysis, sentence and paragraph structure, and grammar.
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The Academic Dean may reject the grade sheet of a class with fewer than 30 students that does not have a range of grades. Furthermore, if there are multiple sections of a class with fewer than 30 students in a given semester, the Academic Dean shall use her authority to reject grade sheets to ensure a reasonable degree of uniformity across sections.”

Successful completion of the LW&R course is a prerequisite for enrollment in Moot Court. Both LW&R and Moot Court are required for graduation, and the classes are prerequisites to membership on Hastings scholarly publications, to employment as a Teaching Assistant (TA), to participation in Moot Court Intercollegiate Competitions, and to enrollment in an Appellate Advocacy
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