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RLYT Task 2 Technological Solutions Banzal, S. (2007). Data and Computer Network Communication. Daryaganj, New Delhi, India: Laxmi Publications. T carriers, e.g., T1 and T3, are digital, leased twisted-pair lines, designed to carry voice (via Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)) and data communications up to distances of 48miles/80km. Approximate available bandwidth for a T1 is 1.5Mbps, and for a T3, 45Mbps of available bandwidth. T1s provide 24 64Kbps channels and a T3, made up of 28 T1s, can provide 672 64Kbps channels for use. These channels can also be bonded together in multiples of 64Kbps (T1 carrier) or 1.5Mbps (T3 carrier). T carriers are used as dedicated facilities between customer premises and Local Exchange Carriers (LECs) and…show more content…
These satellites cover a portion of the Earth in an area referred to as the satellite "footprint." Similar to a cellular-based approach for NHS, satellite connectivity can be considered an option for rural office connectivity, however concerns associated with solar flares and atmospheric ionization (both can affect satellite signal reliability and stability). Fitzgerald, J., Dennis, A., & Durcikova, A. (2012). Business Data Communications and Networking, Eleventh Edition. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons. T carrier circuits are the most common form of dedicated-circuit services in North America today; the European standard is based on the E carrier. The T carrier is a dedicated-circuit service which is leased from a Local Exchange Carrier, providing connectivity between intra-city customer premises or from a customer premise and an InterExchange Carrier for long-haul leased line services. 2|Page T carriers, as dedicated facilities, provide a dedicated communications path for LEC/IXC-based voice and WAN services and can also be used as private (leased) line circuits between two customer premises. T1/T3s could be used by NHS to provide reliable, landline-based communications between the rural office locations and a central hub, in turn providing dedicated connectivity to the New York City location. An IXC would be required to provide the long-haul dedicated services between NHS

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