La Aru 's Business Is Growing Very Well

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After the conflict in 2004, La Aru’s business was growing very well. The demand to the cement increased. Many developers build houses in the empty lands that were left during the conflict and it made a high demand to the material houses. La Aru was appointed as the official distributors of Tonasa cement, the biggest cement company from Eastern Indonesia based in Makassar, South Sulawesi province. There are five official distributors in Ambon, three of them are Chinese and the other two are Butonese. As a main distributor, he has a direct connection to wholesale in Tonasa Company. This company distributes cement to Ambon in a large scale three times in one month. La Aru also supplies Chinese metal shops in Ambon town. He does not take many profit margins from the Chinese. By selling one sack of cement with the price 35-40 thousand rupiah, he takes profit about two thousand rupiah only. But, if it is accumulated from the whole distribution, he can gain profit 30 million rupiah per month only from distributing cement to the Chinese metal shops.

La Aru runs the trick selling cement in a large scale but cheap, so that Chinese merchants would not take over his role as a main distributor in Ambon. Under his company, Nusa Ina Perkasa, he also opens several branches of metal shops and retail shops. His son also takes care with several his metal shops and mini markets that spread around the Hitu Peninsula. At the beginning of his business, La Aru has four big shops. Three of them…
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