La Casa De Mi Padre

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The movie “La Casa de mi Padre” takes place in Mexico and represents family values and the cost of drug rivalries. In this movie the main character (Armando Alvarez) is a “ranchero” on his fathers land and the idiot of the family. Armando lives with his father in the house of his father, as enforced in the title, and although not heavily educated and lacks the qualities of a successful man as consistently pointed of by his father finds greater purpose when his brother comes back to town. The film begins by helping the viewer identify all the main characters in the movie and there place in the film. The issues faced in the film are created when Armando 's brother (Raul) and beloved and favorite son to Pedro returns to his father 's ranch as a successful businessman. This is the first consequential action that begin to dictate the direction of this movie. As Raul returns he brings with him his lover and hopefully soon to be wife. Pedro quickly gives his blessing to his son and begins planning the wedding. Accompany Rauls return to the family ranch Armando reaches the conclusion that the business that his brother has gotten himself into is the drug business. Appalled by the the idea of his brother getting involved in such evil and threatening the family name Armado addresses to Raul to confirm the accusation. Armando is enraged by his brothers stupidity and utter disregard for the pride of his family. He directs his hate and blame for his brothers poor decisions on his new
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