La Casa de Bernarda Alba - English Translation Act 1 Essay

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Cast List Bernarda, aged sixtyMaría Josefa, (Bernarda’s mother), aged eighty Angustias, (Bernarda’s daughter), aged thirty-nine Magdalena, (Bernarda’s daughter), aged thirty Amelia, (Bernarda’s daughter), aged twenty-seven Martirio, (Bernarda’s daughter), aged twenty-four Adela, (Bernarda’s daughter), aged twenty Servant, aged fifty La Poncia (a servant), aged sixtyPrudencia, aged fifty Beggar woman with little girl Women mourners Woman 1 Woman 2 Woman 3 Woman 4 Young girl The poet declares that these three acts are intended as a photographic record. Act I (The bright white interior of Bernarda’s house. Thick walls. Arched doorways with canvas curtains edged with tassels and ruffles. Rush chairs. Paintings of…show more content…
SERVANT: That’s the only earth they’ll give us, who have nothing. LA PONCIA: (By the cupboard) This glass has marks on it. SERVANT: They won’t come off even with soap and water. (The bells sound.) LA PONCIA: The final prayers. I’m off to hear them. I love the priest’s singing. In the paternoster his voice rose up, and up, and up like a pitcher slowly filling with water. Of course at the end he gave a screech, but it was a glory to hear him! There’s no one these days to match the old sexton, Tronchapinos. He sang at the Mass for my mother, who is in glory. The walls would shake, and when he said Amen it was if a wolf was in church. (Imitating him) Ameeeen! (She begins coughing) SERVANT: You’ll strain your windpipe. LA PONCIA: I may have strained something else! (She goes out laughing) (The servant goes on cleaning. The bells ring) SERVANT: (Picking up the sound) Ding, ding, dong. Ding, ding, dong. May God grant him forgiveness! BEGGARWOMAN: (With her little girl) Praise be to God! SERVANT: Ding, ding. dong. May he wait long years for us. Ding, ding, dong. BEGGARWOMAN: (Loudly with annoyance) Praise be to God! SERVANT: (Annoyed) Forever! BEGGARWOMAN: I’ve come for the leavings.(The bells cease ringing.) SERVANT: The street’s that way. Today’s leavings are for me. BEGGARWOMAN: You’ve someone to feed you, woman. My child and I are on our own! SERVANT: The dogs are on their own too, but they survive.

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