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Additional: LA Fitness was established in 1984. The company has grown from small individual clubs that were more specialized, to a now larger, more uniformly recognized brand. The clubs typically have pools, racketball courts, exercise equipment rooms and group exercise class facilities as well as amenities like member services, juice bars and locker rooms.3 LA Fitness is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the web site promotes state of the art exercise equipment and group fitness classes. The company now has locations in the US and Canada.

States LA Fitness is active in

1. California, over 60 clubs 2. Arizona, over 24 clubs 3. Oregon 6 clubs with more coming soon 4. Washington State, 17 clubs including
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It is owned by Private Bodies, owner of a long chain of health clubs and fitness centers whose goal is to offer its help to as many people as possible, guiding them through achieving a healthier lifestyle. They offer the widest range of amenities any fitness center has to offer as well as one of the most affordable prices in a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Their services include offering the most modern equipment for fitness use, kids clubs, sports leagues and personal training.
The company was first established in 1984 and has since developed from a humble individual club into several fitness centers and health clubs, developing a uniformly recognized and reputable brand. Amenities include juice bars, locker rooms, group exercise rooms, courts, pools and exercise equipment rooms. The LA Fitness Company is open 24/7, making it convenient for anyone and everyone.
Because of its popularity in the local and international scene, LA Franchise makes for an attractive franchise opportunity for those entrepreneurs who are interested in getting involved in a health and fitness business. Before engaging in this type of business it is important to first have a brief overview of what the franchise is all about, therefore requirements include having basic business and management experience and knowledge in the health club and wellness center type of business is also an advantage though not a pre-requisite. Having

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