La Flor de Un Sexenio by Jennifer Rae Accettola: Article Analysis

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Tulane University, 1995. Print.

Accettola’s analysis examines the place of Mexican women in Mexican Politics using case study related research, interviews and alternate literature. In the analysis Accettola uses a variation of 283 female politicians who have participated in Mexican government at elite levels and echelons; “just below what is considered the elite level” since women first obtained the ability to hold office in 1953. Accettola examines multiple aspects pertaining to Representation of Mexican Women in politics such as age, socioeconomic statuses, prior experience in politics and repetitive office standings. This information gathered was then compared to their male counterparts in order to create an argument in favor of the increasing political participation of women in Mexico despite the lack of quantitative statistics in this area. Her main purpose stands to validate whether the Mexican aphorism “ la participación de la mujer en la política es flor un sexenio ” holds true. Chapter 3 (page 64) illustrates the distribution of her research as support for her analysis.

Baldez, Lisa. "Elected Bodies: The Gender Quota Law for Legislative Candidates in Mexico." Legislative Studies Quarterly 29.2: 231-58. JSTOR. Comparative Legislative Research Center. 2004. Web.

Baldez’s excerpt from Legislative…
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