La Guinguette

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Case II La Guinguette Step 1: Problem Formulation How to make the Restaurant successful? Step 2: Critical Facts He is a experienced chef who can provide superb European cuisine. The restaurant located in an excellent geographic location which between many of the major hotels and village. The restaurant is constructed into archetypical Tahitian structure. The restaurant can offer at moderate price because of the local Tahitian material suppliers. The restaurant consists with 8 tables and a bar, providing 41 seats. Marcel is not making his marginal costs/ His saving are depleting. The restaurant is faced the prospect of closing. Marcel and his family cannot speak English although the majority of the tourists are from U.S.…show more content…
Solution: To increase price in order to emphasize the quality and attract potential customers. Marcel’s restaurant serve a highly qualified French food with a rational price, such us $39-59. But their competitors offer high-priced goods and service, for example, $200 or $1200 per night in two local hotels respectively. Marcel needs to improve his price to match the competitive market circumstance. He must increase his price to $59-99 instead. Public Relation The reason for its poor public relation is its language berries. Given the fact that the majority of tourism of Bora Bora is from U.S, it is inconvenient for both the customers and the staffs when they are communicating with different languages or gestures. Solution: Improve public relations He needs to learn English to talk to company/ customers He needs to learn basic general communication English, including greeting, meal introductions and recommendations, order reservations, menu explanations and etc.), if he is able to learn more, he can introduce local resorts and culture in English. Hire English staff (Bilingual staff/ locals) In long-run, if his business profit is beyond break-even or doing better, Marcel can implement the future plan----Self-service ocean picnic in his grogram’s chain. For this, he needs more English spoken staffs. Branding New arrangement for restaurant
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