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My family moved from Garden Grove to La Habra at the end of first grade in order to be closer to our water store. It took me a while to adjust to my new school and every day I ended up talking to a new group of peers. One day, Brittany, who I talked to a couple of times eagerly asked, “Are you ready?” I’m sure the confusion was clear on my face when she answered me and told me that she’ll show me when recess starts. As soon as the bell rang, she rushed to my desk, grabbed my hand and ran towards the door. She led me towards the tree where other students gathered. When students stopped rushing over to the tree, one of the yard ladies who watched over us during recess shouted, “Are you guys ready? Get set, and go!” Before I knew what was happening,…show more content…
The leaves fell so elegantly. No matter how hard I tried to throw the leaves, it would fall so delicately on my target. In my hands, the leaves felt rough, but when it fell on me, I barely felt its rugged surface. I went back to rushing around, throwing the leaves without consideration of how it moved until the bell rang. While I mournfully headed back with Brittany, I glanced back at the tree, noticing a few remaining leaves fall down to join the ones on the floor. My mind started to wonder again. I started to question motion of the leaves and other objects. After taking a physics class in the eleventh grade, I realized that the leaves fell because of Earth’s gravitational acceleration. Due to the mass of the leaves and its relative proximity to the Earth’s surface, Newton’s law of gravitation explained why the Earth pulled the leaf towards the ground. The slow and graceful descent of the leaves was caused by the friction from the air and its density due to the surrounding temperature. The gears in my mind began to turn. This fun-filled moment with my classmates sparked my curiosity into the realm of physics. That unforgettable autumn day was the catalyst for my fascination of the laws of
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