La Haine Review Essay

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La Haine Review

“La Haine”, a 93 minute film regarding about three adolescents(Vincent Cassel, Hubert Kounde, and Said Taghmaoui) who struggle to cope in a poverty-stricken environment in which hatred and violence are part of everyday life. Even the title “La Haine” which is a French word, translated to 'The Hatred' suggests what the film is about. Based on a true event, “La Haine” is inspired by a real event where a young man was murdered while being questioned at a Parisian Police station. In exploring racism in the Paris suburbs, this film has a direct contrast with more typical French films, such as Amelie(2001) which presents a far more romantic and idyllic vision of French life. The beginning of La 'Haine' shows the beating of a
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This environment reinforces the adolescent's need to construct a masculine identity as Les Banlieues is a dangerous, threatening society to live in so this reinforces the need for a masculine identity because the adolescents feel that they have succeed in certain situations that requires physical strength and fitness and also tend to express themselves verbally and physically. This is shown after the beginning when Vinz has a banter with Said.

Kassovitz develops the identities of Vinz, Said and Hubert in certain scenes. In the scene where Vinz finds a policeman's gun, his normal persona changes as Vinz vows to kill every policeman if the trio's friend,Abdel, dies. This depicts his masculinity as Vinz is subtly pressured to act masculine due to Abdel being in hospital and if Vinz appears to look or become weak then it will appear to Said and Hubert that Vinz is more feminine if Vinz expresses his emotions. This will also, as a whole, ruin Vinz's self-esteem. Another scene where there is another development of Vinz's identity is the scene where the trio confronts an off-duty cop. Vinz seemingly “plays” with the cop with the gun in his hand, suggesting that they should kill the cop. This shows another development in Vinz's masculine identity as Vinz is was challenged by Hubert that he won't kill a cop and this threatens his identity and

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