La Haine: Source Analysis

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Sources The sources I have used for my paper are based on the migration to Europe and an article about an interview on the cast and director of La Haine. The first source that is mentioned in my paper is the website Info Wars, and the article is called “As Illegal Immigrants Enter Europe, Violence Increases”, written by Kurt Nimmo on September 19, 2015. This article is about the violence that have been occurring lately due to the migration to Europe. It offers insight on the present day violence in Europe. The article informs readers about the impact racism has during this migration and the actions such as rioting and rape during the crisis. This article allows my paper to have a compare and contrast element to it because La Haine has events from 1995.…show more content…
The article provides information on the opinions of the cast members from the film. This allowed me to get information on the cast member’s view point on what is happening today. They think that the events taking place are just the same as 20 years ago. I also found out that the actors in La Haine also took part in real riots back in the 90’s. This information made the movie even more realistic because they all experienced what happen before they decided to become part of the movie. Finding out their opinions and experiences helped my paper because it is about the personal experiences of immigrants and how nothing has changed since La Haine was
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