La Jolla Cove Investors Fund

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La Jolla Cove Investors Fund II, a Delaware limited partnership (the "Fund"). La Jolla Cove Investors Management, Inc., a California corporation (the "General Partner") will be the sole general partner of the Fund. The Managers of the General Partner are Travis W. Huff, Brad Barnard, and Steven Romanoff. The General Partner has exclusive management and control over all aspects of the Fund 's business. The Limited Partners have no right to participate in the Fund 's management except for certain limited voting rights as specifically set forth in the Fund 's LP Agreement, which include the election of a successor General Partner and the dissolution of the Fund. Matters requiring limited partner approval generally require the vote or consent of a majority-in-interest of the Limited Partners. Our investment strategy is to generate current income and excess risk-adjusted returns for our investors by originating or acquiring loans that are primarily secured by first priority mortgages, deeds of trust, or similar instruments on improved or unimproved real properties (the "Loans") located primarily in the Western part of the United States. This Fund is targeting the following annual return for Limited Partners; class A Shares will have a 5% per annum, plus a limited share of profits, on invested capital. Class B shares will have approximately 10% - 15% per annum. However, these anticipated returns (which is not a guarantee of performance) is based on good faith assumptions

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