La-La Land American Ignorance Essay

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La-La Land American Ignorance So tell me. Who is the prime minister of Britain? What did Koizumi just do to his cabinet? Do you even know what country he’s from? What was the reelected chancellor of Germany’s stance in his recent political campaign? What resolution did the U.N. Security Council pass in late September? Which country stopped the shipment of five million dollars of uranium 155 miles from Iraqi borders? Can you even point out the location of Baghdad on a world map? Where is Arafat’s headquarters located? Do you even know who Arafat is? What 39-year old Asian businessman took control of North Korea’s recently opened “special economic zone?” Why is Milosevic being tried at The Hague? Do you know what these…show more content…
We just don’t care! There are, I believe, four major factors contributing to our disinterest in world relations: the actions of our government, the popular influences of media, our isolated geography, and most important, our apathy. Throughout most of the 20th century, our government has taken a more or less isolationist stance in world relations, thereby sheltering its citizens from events in the international community. This is due in part to the reluctance of our government to enter into conflicts or issues that bear little importance to national security or the economy. Most foreign intervention by the government has been selective and limited mainly to European and other important industrial areas and has rarely focused on crises in the middle east or other third world countries until very recently. Our interests in the world wars peaked only when it seemed that aggressor nations had gained the potential of threatening the United States. If the UK fell during the World Wars, the geographical barrier of the Atlantic would be meaningless (it had just been shown by Lindbergh that transatlantic flight was possible); enemy forces could very well invade the United States using the British Isles to launch aerial attacks on important cities like New York and Washington. Similarly, the United States government acts to protect its economic interests. Though many view former President Bush’s 100-hour
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