La Loca 's Existence Is Crucial For Two Major Reasons

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La Loca’s existence is crucial for two major reasons. First, her resurrection in the first chapter declares the nature of the story and hints of its magical narrative. Castillo wastes no time to inform her readers that So Far From God is a work of magical realism. Second, La Loca exists to encourage Sofi to rebel against the religious institution and the political establishment. As the narrator reports, “Loca had never left home and her mother was the sole person whom she ever let get near her” (221). This is a hint that La Loca’s relationship with Sofi goes beyond a mother-daughter relationship. It is a cause-and-effect relationship, since Sofi’s rebellion is staged on three different phases—each phase begins with La Loca (the cause) and ends with Sofi (the effect). La Loca’s resurrection is a turning point in Sofi’s personal realization of her inner voice. It is a point where she starts to question God’s wisdom and protests the church (23). Father Jerome, who plays a symbolic role as a sexist religious leader, attributes La Loca’s resurrection to the “devil” (24). It is significant because the Catholic church, which he supposed to follow, encourages its adherents to believe in miracles. Hence, his explanation of the resurrection is contradictory to what he supposed to preach. Sofi protests his “mere suggestion”—maybe for the first time in her adult life—and describes her daughter’s resurrection as a “miracle” (23). Noticeably, the crowd, who attends La Loca’s…
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