La Story and Shakespeare

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In American comedian/actor/writer/director Steve Martin's L.A. Story, there are many Shakespearean references. This is displayed on multiple levels. Sometimes it is subtle, like a borrowed plot device that bears a tiny resemblance to the play it was borrowed from. At other times, there will be a direct quote credited to Shakespeare himself. Or there will be a scene directly taken from a Shakespeare play, almost verbatim. The movie itself serves as a model of the influence that Shakespeare has had on filmmaking.

The movie is credited with being a variation on A Midsummer Night's Dream. This is a more subtle lifting of the works. The similarities are limited to the device of the confused lovers, and the possible use of magic in order
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Less than subtle cinematography shows it in their expressions. A question is presented right before this moment, and it was only previously touched upon. While walking through the graveyard, the couple pause by Shakespeare's grave. Many of the general populous may have overlooked this, or simply not known that he is most certainly not buried in Los Angeles. But there is a possibility that Martin utilized the scene as a question posed to the viewing audience. Has Hollywood killed William Shakespeare? Or in actuality, do they view him as dead, not realizing that much of what is being produced owes some, if not most of it's existence to the Bard. Steve Martin may have been saying the latter, in immediately following with the gravedigger scene. The fact that Hamlet is quoted, despite the fact that Martin is actually making conversation, not realizing what he is doing immediately, suggests that perhaps Hollywood doesn't realize that that are referencing Shakespeare. The gravestone leads to a further range of possibilities. There are a few interpretations of this symbol to be considered. One is the suggestion that Shakespeare was dead to Hollywood at the time of the film's creation. This movie was a product of the early 1990s, when one of the biggest hits of the era was Terminator 2: Judgment Day. A film in which a main character arrives in a city where his sole motivation is to murder the
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